LARGE GROUPS + team building

Breakout CoMo is equal parts entertaining and challenging! Whether you are planning a party or corporate team building event, we would love to help make it something to remember.


11 - 16 Players  ||  $24 per person

17 - 24 Players  ||  $23 per person

25 - 32 Players  ||  $22 per person

33+ Players  ||  $21 per person


Celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or just making it through a long week at work? We want to be part of the fun!

With four unique and locally grown Breakout rooms appropriate for all ages, Breakout CoMo has something for everyone.

Let us create the perfect party for your group!   Fill out the form below to start setting up your party.

Unlock your team's full potential at Breakout CoMo! Our live-action escape games force your team to communicate effectively, think creatively, problem-solve and use the individual strengths of the group to Breakout! Teamwork is crucial.

But they're also fun! Your employees will walk away with a memorable experience, laughing and telling stories around the office.

“This was the most enjoyable team building experience of my 20 years in business. Be prepared to learn more about your co-workers as well as yourself.” - andyO180KW, TripAdvisor review

“I visited Breakout CoMo as a team-building activity in a new job, and we all had a great time! This is a great alternative to traditional ice breakers and orientation day activities.” - Katieweh, TripAdvisor review

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